My longest girlfriend

I have a friend that i’ve been friends with since somewhere around 5th grade.  Maybe younger? We went through jr high and high school….with the same group of people….not super close. Just sort of on the fringes of each others group of friends.  We interacted….we know each others stuff, we did things together…but you wouldnt have caught just us two hanging out then.  Post high school: we bonded. I’m not sure when or why….I couldnt even tell you when it happen.  She probably could, she’s got a better memory. Regardless, we did bond.

From that point, we vacationed at each others houses, we talk on the way to work, we call each other when we need to process everything from work interactions to husband problems. She’s the person I call when I cant quite remember someone from high school, and she’ll remind me that “they hung out with that other guy with the huge hat, that dated the girl who played basketball?” and i’ll remember.

She’s the only person, other than my husband, who can finish my sentences and know “what I mean, not what I say!” She is the only one, besides my husband, who can anticipate my reaction to something before it happens.  She knows my family, my history, my current life, my growth, my setbacks, my marriage. She holds my memories and she is someone I can count on to participate in my future. I hope I hold all those places in her life as well.

Even though, since high school, we have never lived within 500 miles of each other, she is the person I know is committed to being in my life forever (without the marriage).  I love her. I’m so glad I have her.  Thanks for being there for me, bonna. I love you.

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