A moment of awakening

I was watching Dr. Oz the other day (btw – I don’t recommend this. He’s a total quack. However, we don’t have cable and for some reason I was vegging out in the middle of the day) and he had on this “contestant” (see what I did there? ’cause he’s a quack) who felt she had a salt “addiction”.

She spent the next 15 minutes showing a diary of how much she loved salt. She drank pickle juice – sometimes in the middle of the night – she ate chips two or three times a day, and she had about 20 KINDS of salt in her cupboard (yeah, I know. I didn’t know there were 20 kinds of salt either!).

Then Dr. Quack…I mean Oz tells her that the recommended daily allowance for someone on blood pressure rx (she was) was 1/2 a teaspoon. She was eating an average of 10 teaspoons a day. So, he checks hormones and thyroid and for anemia….and everything is normal. He checks electrolytes and mineral deficiencies and finds nothing amiss. So, he asks her; “why do YOU think you eat so much salt?”

This pickled woman said something I hope to never forget. She said, “I don’t know. I guess I have it as a reward. A treat.”

A reward? A treat?

She’s treating herself 40 times a day. She is rewarding herself 280 times a week. It was so eye opening to me. I think that is how it starts, you know? You think you are getting a treat. But then you are treating yourself all the time. And….if we look at what a “treat” or a “reward” is…..its suppose to be RARE. Occasional.

AND…how is giving yourself high blood pressure and bloating yourself with salt intake a REWARD? A treat? feeling swollen and lethargic? How do we do this to our bodies? How do we spin this so that its a good thing?

I hope I always remember that comment. I hope I am choosing rewards and treats that are rewarding and make me feel good. For the LONG run. Treats that don’t have consequences.

And I hope that for you too!

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