10 years

I’ve never met anyone who can love like you. I’ve never had anyone put me and US first – always. No questions asked and with no hesitation.

Someone, upon hearing about our anniversary, asked me if I still loved you as much. It made me pause.

I remember thinking (before we were married, when we lived 1000 miles away from each other) that the world could come down on my head….and I wouldn’t care as long as I could just feel your touch. Your skin on my skin. Literally nothing else mattered.

I don’t feel that way anymore because I’m lucky enough to have that every day.

I don’t go to bed at night imagining your arms around me but, instead, I think of calling you sobbing because i’m emotional and someone said something mean to me. I think of you “talking me down” and reminding me that none of that stupid stuff matters. That its just a bad day.

I think of you, when I have a deadline coming up with school, saying “how can I help?”

I think of you not removing your shoes when you get home from a 12 hour shift at work because you know i’m tired and the dog will need to be walked before dinner.

I think of you working long hours, coming home and doing homework to better yourself and our life, and still loading the dishwasher (okay, that’s because you think I load it wrong), putting the dinner away, or taking out the trash.

I love you…..deeper… than I ever have.

Is that more? Is that just different but equal? I don’t know….but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My best friend, my biggest supporter, my protector, my confidant, my heart, my strength, my reality check, and my gentle touch. I wouldn’t be half the person I am without you. I Love us. I love you. Thank you…for all you do. For choosing me. For continuing to choose me. For putting the work in that needs to be done to keep our marriage the type of marriage they write books about.

The wife.


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