November Grateful list. Day One.

I try to stay grateful all the time…but November is a wonderful time to post about it.

I’ve got to say that I am grateful, today, for my age. I feel, as I get older, that i’m really settling into my body, my spirit, and the person I was born to be. Its interesting because I remember turning 30. I cried for a week before hand. I was MISERABLE. I’ve recently turned 36 and I am pretty excited about getting closer to 40.

A good portion of that could be that at 30 I was in a job I hated, commuting 3 hours a day, was in debt over my head and had no purpose other than getting through the day/week/month/year. Now i’m doing something, carer wise, that gives back. I’m challenging myself with school, I feel purpose and importance. I’m healthier, I’m smarter and I LIKE myself a whole lot more.

Today, i’m grateful for how I feel in my own skin.

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