I think I love my dog too much

A long time ago (maybe 5 years ago), in a land far far away (Hillsboro), Gary and I were under a few false impressions. One false impression was that if we went through the fertility process; we would have a baby. The second false impression was that we WANTED a baby, but that’s another blog post.

I went on fertility meds. What people don’t understand (unless they have done this nightmare of a thing called infertility) is that EVERY. DAY. is something. Its either a day you take a pill…or a day you count UNTIL you take a pill….or a day you are waiting to test to see if you ovulated and or / are have a pregnancy….or a day you have sex….or a day you WAIT to have sex. You think about this shit all the f-ing time!!!! Its highly emotional. AND THEN, we add hormones on TOP of that. I was a wreck. It was slowly driving me truly CRAZY.


My Pup….who at the time was ACTUALLY a pup….was pretty close to me. I loved on her like a I was planning on loving on our baby. And I was on fertility meds. Dogs are rather intuitive, dont you think?

My dog, and I think this is based on the RX I was on, decided she was pregnant. Her little teets started filling up with milk. It was the grossest / most interesting thing I had ever seen. The great and powerful Google told me that this was called a ‘false pregnancy’ and that at some point, she would “have” the baby and adopt a toy as that baby. Freakin weird, right?

It wasnt too long after that when we decided that maybe I needed to take a break from the fertility cycle, which ended our quest for a baby totally. Tiqi never did “have” the fake baby….but our favorite party trick was to turn her over and squeeze the little milk out of her teets.

Back Camera

Yep, we are fascinated by gross and weird things. Probably another reason we were destined not to have offspring.

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