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Also, its a small world

And here’s why you A) shouldnt lie and B) should be nice to people. JUST this week, I found the following connections in my life. 1. My husbands cousin is friends with my friends boss – and has been for … Continue reading

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Weird thought….

When I was a kid, living in Medford with my mom, my friend Brandie’s father lived in the Portland area. As is common for split homes, a few times a year she would spend sometime with her dad.  Also common, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving is the 25th

And i’m listing again.  Here are 25 things that I am thankful for. 1. Gary 2. Gary’s family. 3. Sisters 4. Brothers 5. Wonderful new friends. 6. Wonderful old friends. 7. Vacations. 8. A new direction (not a nude erection, Gary) with my … Continue reading

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Life is stressing me out a little

Dont get me wrong, its a good life.  But sometimes good involves growing pains, deadlines, future worries, changes, and head colds. School – school is tough.  There is a never ending supply of homework, which isnt that bad except I … Continue reading

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