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Something about…Safty

I got a call the other day from my TiTi. I wasnt there to hear the call….but I got the voice mail, which rocks. As I’ve said before, my TiTi isnt my Aunt (TiTi is a variation of Tia –¬†Spanish¬†for … Continue reading

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Who knew?

I was discussing blogs with my friend Jen the other day. She always seems to have fun and interesting things to say. She never seems to flounder, as I do, with no real POINT. While I return and read my … Continue reading

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Alright – but this is the only time i’m admitting it.

Snuggies are pretty cool. I’m not making one for me…but I have made three now for other people. I understand how they can be pretty cool. Keep the blanket on while you’re drinking your hot coco….alright Mr. Snuggie. You got … Continue reading

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Going to take you on a ride…a magic carpet ride.

So, the family tree goes like this: Maria Tapia (hens-forth referred to as TiTi) Was married to a man in Costa Rica (Silvio Tapia) and she gave birth to Maritza and Silvia Tapia. Silvio died and TiTi moved to LA. … Continue reading

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This game is called “do you ever”

Do you ever…Hold a little life in your arms and realize how lucky you are to do so? Do you ever…Hug those family and friends you love and feel special ’cause they love you? Do you ever…Get so mad at … Continue reading

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