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why wait for new years?

I always feel like Christmas is the end of the year. I feel like making my resolutions now (as I eat chocolate and contemplate a pizza for lunch! lol) and starting to move forward. Maybe I just feel like that … Continue reading

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Open letter to Craigslist

Dear Craigslist, Please up date your “best of” section. Some of us are out of school and need some random wittiness to click upon in between frantic sessions of baking cookies. Also, please add a section just for cute pictures … Continue reading

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Lots of Changes, Old Max…Lots of changes

Gary’s dad is not well.  He is going into renal failure (will most likely be on dialysis in the next 6-12 months). His mom is in her late 60’s and is still working with no real viable plan to stop … Continue reading

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